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"Be clear with yourself and others that you are not interested in a monogamous relationship..." --That's good stuff, thank you. Of course, I don't know that I'm not, and very probably if I do wind up poly, it won't be right away -- I think I only have the emotional bandwidth for one "NRE" relationship at a time; but that's normal, from what I gather? Anyway, know thyself and be clear about it -- I like that.

I'm less okay with the whole dating-through-groups-and-such thing...I've never done anything like that, and just looking at meetup or OKCupid sort of makes me woozy. Then again, I had social anxiety problems that were debilitating until recently, so maybe that's just a holdover from then. I generally stick around people I have things in common with, but maybe when it comes to dating, having a relationship-preference and singlehood in common is enough? I'll have to ponder that more.

Thanks again!
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