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Default Day 17

I talked to Piper and told him the consensus of the comments about my
email. He seemed thoughtful. He did agree to spend some time this weekend
reviewing some of the tags that were recommended here. I figure that's

I also told him today that I don't want to be involved with him and Colada
anymore. (of course, that's sort of a misnomer becuase I'm actually NOT
involved - so really I mean, I want him to stop trying to get her to
meet/be involved with me). I said that it's been nearly 6 months and we are no further
along. Last week, we discussed that as long as she was continuing to
make progress, even if it wasn't quite at my pace, he would keep seeing
her. But basically, as noted regularly here (it seems I'm at least a
semi-normal human being in that I take longer to see my own problems than
others who can see more clearly than myself) - she gives every
indication that she just wants Piper to herself and wants me out. I don't
see her ever threatening family time, so I should note that. She doesn't
really demand his time at all, actually. It's more that he'd like to
have a situation in which she's involved in the day-to-day parts of his
life...which includes me. But, she doesn't seem to want that so it feels
like pulling teeth to get her involved and if he doesn't stay on her,
she disappears (stops emailing, interacting, etc.). so this is stupid
at some point. If she doesn't want to be involved like this, then that's
totally her perogative. That said, it's also my perogative to stop trying.
I only got about 5 minutes to talk to Piper about it because he is out
of town and was in the car with colleagues so he asked me to wait and
talk to him tomorrow or Friday - so we'll see.

In other news, I'll be totally out of the upstairs room tonight - regardless
of what he does with Colada. I need some space in the house that is my
Mono wife to husband (Pied Piper) and his GF (Colada)
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