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LOL! Don't worry about it. We're all good.

That's what I like about people in this forum. You get to try on a LOT of different styles of communication just in "chatting around on a poly forum" before trying to deal with it in "dating poly people of all styles!"

I don't even remotely know what "chronic patient fuzzy brain/sleepies" is supposed to mean!
I am a chronic patient.

You probably know acute illness. You probably have been an acute illness patient before. You get a cold. You take Robitussin. Or an ear infection. Take the ear meds. It goes way. Prob solved and over with.

Chronic illness type patients have nothing but MANAGEMENT and the illnesses can range from Diabetes to Alzheimer to whatever it is. No cure. The patient takes the meds for their thing to help manage the condition but doesn't expect it to ever go away.

In my case, I have several things going on that I shan't list, but bed time is meds time and I get the sleepies --- woozy fuzzy brain from the medication.

That's why they put those stickers for "Do not operate heavy machinery!" on some meds.

Hard for me to keep track of thoughts when I feel woozy, but I hit the board to help me unwind and relax before bed. So I figure if there's a serious prob someone will tell me and if not... well, I'm not a mind reader.

At other times I'm not at the meds time so I can be a bit sharper in focus and not so rambly.

Participating here is making me realize that should I date a new person I'm going to have to explain the whole meds thing to them too -- and better SOONER rather than later so they are prepared and not be all frustrated with me and huuuuuhhhh?

Which is why I'm here in part. DH is on autopilot, man. He knows all my stuff already. He wouldn't blink an eye but a new person would.

So yah -- participating here helps me see ME as others might.

Thanks again!

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