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Default Living Life, Loving People

Hi, I'm going by the name ThoughtsIgnite, and I'm a polyamorous man, 23 years old. I grew up in a household and community where emotional connection between everyone was considered good and normal. Three or four years ago I began hearing about polyamory amongst friends and I was like "Oh. There are people who have already put words to how I experience human relationships. That makes sense. Cool!"

I've been in monogamous and polyamorous romantic relationships. Outside of romance and sexuality my whole orientation towards human relationships is geared toward building connection and breaking down resistance to connection. Polyamory community should have space for all of it, and from what I've seen so far, it does.

At present I'm fresh into an awesome new primary relationship with a woman had a crush on for years. After the spark and before spending any more time with me, she expressed her frustration with being referred to as so-and-so's "girlfriend," how she wants to learn about relationship freedom and she uttered the word "polyamory" first (I'd never talked to her about the subject of relationship styles before). I listened intently, trying to prevent my jaw from dropping to the ground, and let her know that I was on board with that and that I really liked her. Now we're hanging out in the bliss of new love, and it feels beautiful.

Why did I seek out a polyamory forum? I want a like-minded community to post questions and seek answers related to sex and relationships.

My big question right now: Does this forum permit discussion of sex and organs explicitly or does it steer towards matters of relationship desires and emotions?

I'm looking forward to gaining useful insights by participating with likeminded people on this forum!
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