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Like sneacail-I cant see why there cAN NOT be a future together. I do see why there isn't RIGHT NOW-but right now is always temporary and things change.

If you had asked me (or my husband) when we married if we'd ever be in a poly dynamic-(once we knew what it was) we would have thought you were nuts.

But, here we are, living with my boyfriend who is completely integrated into our family and can't imagine it any other way NOW.

Last night, we were talking about "what if" he finds another woman who joins the family, how will little details change, how will our boundaries change etc.

He was a bit surprised to find out how liberally I feel about sharing him with another "co-wife", compared to how annoying I find it to share him with a fuck buddy.

The idea that I would willingly create an "ALL OF OUR" bed and room (whilst keeping a personal space for everyone as well) and accept another woman (not my lover) sleeping in the same bed with me in it as well was surprising to him.
Especially since at this point I've made it clear that I no longer want to meet his lovers (because they come and go too rapidly for me to waste my time on). He just figured he would never have that opportunity because CUrRENTLY I'm not interested in meeting any of the women he's interested in.

But, he didn't understand WHY I'm uninterested and that if there was a different set of circumstance, I'd have a different feeling on it.

There's no reason why you can't look towards a future different than the one you have-together. If you both want to.

(FYI-kids grow up too.)
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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