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Originally Posted by blahblah View Post
yeah i tried that last night a bit. but i got shot down with "everythings fine" tho i should have pressed it more.
You should have said "No everything is not fine. I am feeling {insert your exact feelings here}

Originally Posted by blahblah View Post
she seriously came out to the kitchen a bit ok "hey sorry we havent been sexual, but next time we see eachother we will be" which is in two months i guess, hes still here though. and i guess hes gonna be here for the next two so yeah
If they are at your house you have every right to tell him he needs to go home. It is YOUR home. You have every right to ask for what you need for a relationship. Stop being a doormat.

My husband has the right to say "Hey kind of feeling neglected over here" when he feels I am giving my boyfriend too much of my time. He has every right to feel that way. Sometimes he DOES have a reason to feel like that. Others he has forgotten he had me to himself the whole week prior to my going to see my boyfriend for the weekend.

Originally Posted by blahblah View Post
basically she had 4 days with him alone, i get no personal time with her, basically she told me to deal with it and that im "overreacting"
Now I usually hate the tit of tat comparison. My husband does it sometimes.. But in your case I do feel you are getting shafted. You need to stand up for yourself and do what is in your best interests. They may not realize what they are doing to you. Or maybe they do..
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