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I have two job interviews this week, so things are looking up. The crap job I took about a month ago doesn't pay enough for anything, but it got me back in work mode and revved my energy a bit. When you've been unemployed a long time, it is hard to muster up the enthusiasm for any regular gig. Hopefully, something better-paying will come out of this week's interviews.

I've also been selling my stuff - got an ad online and made a good chunk of cash already just from my exercise equipment. Today someone is coming to look at my couch and dining set. I stood in my living room this morning and felt a little heartbreak. The dining table and chairs was a wedding present, and I remembered my ex complimenting me on my taste when I brought him to see the couch at the store.


But I need to survive and hold onto my apartment more than I need the couch and everything else. If I sell everything I listed, I will be able to pay rent for two more months. And it will help me "simplify" my life and move forward to get rid of old things with painful memories.

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