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The title of this thread is focused on secondary relationships for a partnered couple. Since turnabout is fair play, I thought I'd share a comment from another forum which is from the singles' perspective. Obviously, the choice to date someone who is married doesn't have to apply only to a secondary relationship, but to any. This was part of a reply to a thread about the rules/guidelines that single polyfolk establish for themselves. I thought it an interesting comment:
I've found that one of the reasons I don't tend to do well dating partnered folk is that generally speaking, they give an *incredible* amount of lip service to their own autonomy, etc... but in the end, one of two things happens:

1. It turns out they're lying to their other partner(s) about some aspect of their relationship with me.

2. Their other partner(s) turn out to have a great deal more influence over them than they'd initially led me to believe.
Has anyone experienced either one of these issues mentioned above? Are there other solos/singles who are skittish about dating someone who is married? What are your reasons?

Upthread, I wrote that I feel there is too much potential drama in dating a married guy. I wrote that over a year ago, and I think I am more comfy with the idea now, but still cautious - basically because I'm wary of Reason #2 in what I quoted. What are your thoughts?
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