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You speak up NOW and say "Alright, I'm happy for you guys. im trying not to be selfish, i barely get to see her though. So... can I have these next few days alone now? Is that reasonable?"

After you get past that point and hopefully enjoy the down time with your shared Sweetie to reconnect with just her...

"Thanks, guys. I needed that. Listen, when can we have a talk in Trio? There's changes coming with you living together and Paris -- can I be included in a conversation about how I fit into things over the next year so I too can map out other parts of my life? What time is a good appt time in the next few weeks?"

And no further and see how that it received.

Reasonable people (even if all pink fluffy lala NRE cloudy) will realize -- "oh! We've been all pink fluffy cloud lala! Crap! We need to be in right relationship here -- sorry, dude. Our bad!"

And will TRY to work with you on finding the happy medium.

But YOU have the responsibility to KNOW and STATE your wants, needs and limits. Get the convo ball rolling. Nobody is a mind reader.

Move it forward.


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