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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
Kudos for working through the cheating start. That's not easy.

I'm not sure you all three have sat down to discuss what this new polyship will have for rights and responsibilities. These are my playbook for how I roll.

She sounds caught up in NRE -- new relationship energy and not balacing out with the ORE -- your older relationship that's already established.

So... I'd bring it up to both. Get a plan for the next (time frame?) to see how to best deal in time management so that some of your needs are being met too.

We don't all always get the megaHAPPY... but we can strive for "a reasonable happy medium" for all.


yeah i dont think any of my needs are being met at all right now. its very odd. like i get they havent seen each other for 2 months, thats why i let them totally be those 4 days, that ahould be theres, andtheres alone, but the next 48 hours shes here, i doubt i will have time alone with her now. it seems on edge if i would suggest that he leave to give us time alone. they are going to be "living together" in the fall and going to paris together in the spring so i mean at some point where do i say "come on what about me?" im trying not to be selfish, i barely get to see her though. i dont know what to do.
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