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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
I know I have a tendancy to wax and wane because I tend to check in here close to sleepy time. And I tend to be reflective and fuzzy in focus. If you need me to get sharper any time just kick me and go "Hey! You are floating off, GalaGirl! Come baaaaack! 'splain to me!"

which part needs clarification?
No part in particular. I basically have found that I need to skip your posts altogether. I am sure I could make sense out of most of what you write if I spent time reading it more slowly. I find that I tend to lose focus when reading lo-o-ong posts and then when you write about tiers, buckets, bags, polymath, ghosts, and whatnot, it just makes your posts even harder to follow and your words swim before my eyes. Too much work for me to translate your lingo. I guess I just prefer plain English. I will keep trying, though.
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