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Default Proposals in polyamory

For those of you who had some sort of ceremony, or are interested in having one, I'm curious about proposals in polyamorous relationship.

Does anyone have experience with proposing to two people at once (or within a small amount of time if it happened separately), or proposing to someone when one of the two (or both) was married to another person already?

Did the proposal come from a male? A female? What were the circumstances, how was it phrased? Did it follow the monogamous traditions or did it incorporate some poly twists?

And if you are planning on proposing in such a situation but haven't at this time, how are you planning to do it?

A proposal made to one person while both people were single can also count if it included polyamory (for instance "would you be one of my spouses?" or something)

Of course, I realise many people aren't interested in marriage/civil unions/commitment ceremonies, and it's a touchy subject due to it being illegal in many places. But it does happen, and I was curious about it.

My curiosity was spurted by someone describing a proposal that, while straight and monogamous, was non-traditional as the female proposed to the male (plus, it was geeky. She asked if he would be her Player Two. Totally my type of proposal).
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