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A committed couple should be able to talk about their deeper feelings, wants, and needs without fear. It's just talk, after all, and hashing things out is what partnership is all about. That one partner's need for discussion on a difficult topic could threaten a marriage speaks more loudly about his level of commitment than hers.
I have to agree. Just talking about hard subjects should not implode a marriage.

Courious -- how are you faring? Was it a case of emotional flooding causing him to shut down and wig out initially? (I'm kinda hoping so for you sake.) Is he calmer and more willing to discuss with intent/rationale? Or things really done?

I feel your pain and wanted to send sympathies. You did a brave thing, exposing yourself to vulnerable. And you did it honestly and ethically and non cheatery so it prob feels like a huge ding to you to come to find your partner react this way.

Even if he did not want to go there, a simple "Wow. Alright. I don't think that's my scene, hon. That's a limit on my end. But thank you for being open and honest. I guess we could talk more later about it? I need time to take it in" would have felt so much nicer than what you got. Sigh.


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