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Originally Posted by TexasBorn21 View Post
Since this is my first poly, I just want to make sure I fully understand all bou dries and keep Me in check. Just concerned with my emotions!
The boundaries of your relationship(s) will be what you and your partner(s) agree to make them. Sorry if that seems vague, but it's the straight up truth.

One of the main ways polyamory differs from monogamy is that because so many of the traditional "normal" rules do not apply, each poly arrangement is unique unto itself. Thus, everything is open for discussion. One size does not fit all, so what's important is to find the boundaries that fit for you and your partner(s).

My advice for you is to think carefully about what you need and want from your relationships. As you become clearer on these needs and wants, share them with your partners in an open, honest, and loving way, and learn what each of them needs and wants. Decide together how to meet one another's needs, agree on what boundaries y'all need, and move forward together.
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