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Originally Posted by SeventhCrow View Post
If everything's a lie, then find the most useful lies and act as if they're true. Should they cease to be useful, find different lies.

Feeling some Meatloaf right about now:
Gotta love Meatloaf!

Originally Posted by berserker239 View Post
Im lost, lost like i was 2 years ago, then i met a girl and everything came into clarity. Now shes gone and everything is out of focus.
If this is the centre of your problem...I feel for you dude....I really do. People are nothing if not unreliable. Not stable enough to serve as a foundation for your own identity anyways. You need to find your own centre. There are places that can help you with that...and it sounds like you found one of them...

Originally Posted by berserker239 View Post
Thats the whole reason im joining. My recruiter missed our appointment and never called back so idk what im gonna do. Maybe just go down there. I hope your doing better, my friend.
Go down...and harp on them. If army recruiters will admire'll be a refusal to give up. Take the initiative and show the recruiter you want it. Drop the weed though...that'll bury your chances.
“People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.” - Chinese Proverb

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