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That's a lovely ritual shared there. Thank you for opening that up to my eyes. *compersionlove to you and yours*

When I first pledged my troth to DH? I was brushing my teeth in his nasty ass bachelor pad bathroom. Just him and me. I told him I was doomed and I told him I wish I had known it would happen then. I would have put on something else other than nasty old nighties and had the "shazam!" moment elsewhere. Ugh. Now I have to think about his horrible bathroom all my life. LOL.

When I was first handfasted to my DH before people? It was in the woods under 200 roses he and I stapled ourselves to a picnic bench kiosk. It was the secret marriage and only closest friends bore witness and signed our vows. Roses are sweet, and also have thorns. We were it in for the Life ride, ups and downs. Pokey and sweet.

We were city hall-ed later with family and other friends.

We were later ministered on the 10th yr anniv.

We pledge and renew our troth when so moved -- kinda kicking around the 20th yr anniv.

Perhaps this time in international waters by sea captain. hee hee.

You are doing great, letting your marriage grow and evolve and grow with you.

We played this song at every union/reunion of Us even if it was just us singing the last two lines at each other. I gift the lyrics to you if you have never heard Sting sing it.


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