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Originally Posted by Dagferi View Post
Op the STD check and etc is a good idea but you are opening your marriage up to another huge threat....

The person who looks good on paper for your hubby and you but then will run a muck through your relationship emotionally. It could be a woman who falls for your husband and he for her and then decides to push you out. Or a woman who falls hard for you... finds out she isn't interested in your hubby and wants you. You fall for her and then hubby feeling left out throws a veto. These things seem to happen a lot in the poly world. Especially when bringing a third party into the marriage bed.

thank you for your words i will consider them.

I plan to seek more information on being poly before i join into any more forums with so little knowledge. But, I will no longer be active in these particular forums (on this site). If i could delete this profile I would. But, apparently, deletion of a profile is not possible....which makes no sense.

Have good happy lives everyone. Try not to judge the new people so much. Everyone was new once. For those who were kind to me thank you. For those who were rude to me and knew they were so they tried to make it private...Adios!
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