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I am putting the breaks on anything potential at this point because my marriage is crumbling. I discovered over the weekend that Derrick and the woman he went behind my back with in May/June never stopped their affair. All this time when I thought he and I were working on repairing our marriage he was continuing their long distance thing. And they found a time and place to physically consummate their relationship. He told me he has been miserable with me for years if not months, that I am to blame because I am a bad wife, a bad submissive, unfair, mean, unsupportive, etc and that he has wanted to divorce since January. He is now staying with a co-worker while we both take some space.

So I guess I really am my own primary.
"This, too, is sacred."
I am my own primary.
Me: F, 30's, bi.
Sadist: my fwb. M, 30's.
Pandora: Sadist's gf. F, 30's.
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