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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post

Put another way Have secondaries who were out of town been upset to learn their primary had a party at their home......without notification? Is that an expected right?
But the difference between what you are saying here, dinged, and what happened is that it is the house that her and Piper own together that this happened at. If my husband and his girlfriend had a party at my husband and mine's house while I was out of town, you'd better believe that I'd be upset if I wasn't at least told it was happening. If they had it at her house while I was gone, I'd probably be a little sad that they didn't think to share with me that they were planning this exciting thing, but it wouldn't be the upset that I'd feel if it were at my house. Likewise, if my boyfriend, whom I don't live with, planned a party while I was out of town and didn't at least tell me, I'd be sad that he didn't share that exciting part of his life with me, but I wouldn't be really upset. It's about not respecting her right to know what is going on in her own house.

And, pocket, I found your email to be calm and collected, not aggressive at all. Much more calm and collected than I'd be in a similar situation.
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