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I am enjoying my day off today after working for four days. My parents & I will being going to a movie theater to watch Brave with captioning. We're excited to see it.

I am doing great so far since I broke up with the deaf boyfriend. I wanted to see if I can remain single for a time being, hopefully for more than two months.

I use to hate the idea of being single, and I use to have the needy feeling toward men. Where I don't last long with the single life. Now that I'm taking medication for over a year, it changed a lot of things. I find myself less needy for men, and I had to learn to get use to it and find ways to enjoy myself.

Yesterday, I had sudden feeling of "tired of dating", despite the fact I've only dated twice in the past month. I guess, while most part of me is enjoying the single life, other part of me still nags me to date or find a guy. SIGH.

Other than that, I think I'm doing great. Currently searching for a place to live, to move out of my parent's house. Possibly being roommate with my co-worker, who wanted to move out of her parent's house as well. Wish us luck! We already have three appointments to see three different apartments. So, we'll see.
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