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well it appears my friend with experience told me something completely different about a unicorn. she implied the woman had feelings for both the husband and spouse and could even so much as move with them if they were stationed across state...she said nothing about emotionless...therefor, we have different definitions based on my friends personal experience.

either way, for my naive-ness, sure...i joined a forum to try to fix that. I got offended when you didnt find nicer wording for calling me naive. When you grow up in a family full of "christians" and some of the ministers you are expected to act and look a certain way and never allowed to even talk to people with "jezzebll spirits". Just so you know, i had no idea that polyamore was even a real word until a year ago. And then i thought it meant something like the sister wife show where all the wives are married to the man...not to each other too.

My curiosity to investigate further to see what else there was to it didnt even spark until i was talking to my friend about what i wanted for me and my husband ...because i had no idea what it was called... and she starting labeling things like unicorn and poly dating. She described a unicorn as someone who was basically "courting" both the man and the woman. A seriously relationship, not a no strings attached thing.

if you follow my other thread as someone mentioned they did, yes, at first, i was a little scared about my husband loving someone else. But, i also mentioned later that i had discussed it more with him and more deeply and had gotten more secure. I didnt wanna go into anything blindsided. We discussed it more deeply before i found the lady who i will say taught me my lesson. In this lifestyle i will simply have to trust less in the beginning.

However, there is probably not even going to be a lifestyle change right now because my husband is reclassing and we have no idea where he is going to pcs to or when. So, all i can do now is sponge information before i know where my family will be rooted.
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