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Well that went fucking AWFUL.

He is so angry and hurt I could possibly feel this way and have let things go on for so long that I've left him behind. I love him so much this is so completely painful I have no idea what to do w myself. I'm scared I've made or am making the biggest mistake of my life. He says I haven't given him a chance to make me feel that way bout him cus I'm never around. And how could I still want to live w my gf or consider marrying her when he's so against it. If I feel that way he doesn't want a part of it.

I'm even more confused than ever!!! I feel SO GUILTY. and so sad and scared because I do love him and want and need him in my life. Idk which way is true or a lie. Idk how I truly feel and what is him or her swaying my feelings. I feel so damn lost.
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