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When I talk about chemistry, I talk about something quite stable. If we take the physical one at least. For example, the smell of a person. There are some, I really can't stand to smell. My sister is one of them. This never changed over the years. Sward on the other hand (Lin as well ) has never lost his seductive smell despite me being used to it for a dozen years now. For me this kind of chemistry has to be there to even allow romantic or physical contact. Sometimes, this may come in stronger or weaker forms with time, but it never ceased to exist.

In regard to pure romantic chemistry, that is something more artificial for me. Yes, it is important to klick with someone. The infamous spark. But afterwards, while cultivating the relationship, we start to cutlivate the romantic chemistry we have. Things we like to do with each other, we like to talk about, we like to eat; just being with each other and enjoying it. And we can lose this with time, if we don't cherish it and work a bit on it here and there. It's all about being me and being perceived as the 'best me' I can and should be.
Facts: 30, female, bi, v-type relationship with Sward (husband, straight, mono) and Lin (boyfriend, straight, mono), poly-fi and co-primary.

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