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Originally Posted by lovedaystar View Post
People often break up due to lack of chemistry between partners.
But the main question is "What exactly is chemistry between two people?"
Romantically, that is.
I don't quite understand how people break up from 'lack of chemistry', because if it's that important, how'd they get together without it in the first place?

I have experienced a biochemical change in myself around certain people. Different folks get different changes. I was good friends with CBF for years, while I was coupled with FBF. One day after breaking up with FBF, I'd had lunch with CBF, who I only thought of as my good friend. I was saying g'bye after lunch, and he cocked his head at me, and I swear, I felt my ovaries light up. *That* was some chemistry.

I crushed on FBF for months before he gave any clue that he might have any interest in me, other than social friends.

But, chemistry does fade, and my personal belief is that it starts between my ears. There comes a day when a conversation is more interesting than sex; not to say that sex isn't still fun and desired, but you have to be able to do something when you're not having sex. Those things are what happens between the ears, and they can come from conscious volition. It's not some random happenstance that the universe bestows or not.
Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own...
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