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Date #2 tomorrow! I'm excited, because I think it will be really fun (we're just going to wander a specific area of the city that has a lot of bookstores/art galleries/coffee shops) but nervous because I got sunburnt and I have no idea what to wear that won't interfere with the blisters but will still look cute. lol

I also have a couple of job interviews lined up later in the week, which is awesome. I don't know that either of them are going to work out (the scheduling is weird AND I've already planned a week long vacation in a month...) but getting back into the habit of being in interviews and interacting with people on that professional level will be great for me even if a job doesn't come of it.

Life has been stressful - money-wise, small spats with Keith, etc, etc, but I think I may be seeing a light at the end of it. Not that it's been terrible, but it definitely hasn't been the best.
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