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Default Introduction to Polyamory

I'm just curious to know what you're first introduction to polyamory happened.

Looking back, I realized mine was in high school. Granted I didn't know the name for it, or that other people did it. But it just seemed right for me.

In high school, I met two guys that I thought were just amazing. I found out that they dated each other and just let it be. (I'm going to use initials so that hopefully I don't get too confusing.) K always flirted with me and I enjoyed it, but never took it any further, until T (his boyfriend) asked me if I noticed that K really liked me and basically gave permission for a relationship to happen. A little later in the relationship, T expressed interest in me as well, so i guess we had a triad going on. This lasted for a couple months and I started dating a girl, A. Surprisingly, for highschoolers (and A, the college student) this went remarkably well until we realized that K had a girlfriend who did NOT know about me or A and that led me and T to breaking it off with K. And then a few months later, T told me he was gay, not bi like he thought and we cordially broke it off.

Anyway, without realizing I was poly I had a pretty good poly relationship, surprisingly as a highschooler.

When was your "intro"?
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