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16 really? ... i can appreciate your view so long as you realize i am 33 years old and i wasnt sexting. i didnt have sex with anyone over text or otherwise. she wanted proof that we werent sending her pics of some random couple i found on facebook. Her theory was nudes arent allowed on facebook. But it was a poor choice to trust her, i know that now...not doing it with another woman again.

Also, there is no "unicorn shaped hole" in my relationship. if there was any sized hole at all i would not be looking for a gf. i would fill the hole first since my husband is the most important relationship in my life aside from my kids.

i do not beleive in pursuing a relationship with anyone if my current relationship has any issues, holes, or problems. period.

my wanting a gf is simply looking to ad to the beauty of our relationship and trust. and to share with someone special the wonderful man i know i have because quite frankly, there arent many left like him and theres a lot of lonely girls looking for men just like him.

however, after posting in the forums, i am starting to feel like maybe this polyamore isnt right for me...because i do not know how to do it right apparently
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