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my bad...what else can i say?
Aw.... *hug* You don't need to say ANYTHING more.

We've all been there one time or another. I just wanted to send you sympathy in your "Hang Time at the Forge." That's what I call it because to me it feels like someone strung me up over a hot forge oven. I'm stuck there and it's hot, I cannot cut it because I drop into fire. Either way I squirrrrrrmmmmm. But I dowanna just STAY there either!

I'm not judging. Just... keeping it real and acknowledging what is. You are experiencing a hang time. Sigh. I've been spending some time there myself. But that's what it is.

I wish I could GIVE you the answer but it is not mine to give. It's it hers.

Butterflies churning in stomach (the bad way to feel ugh) vs someone just melting your buttah making your stomach churn! (the good way to feel ugh)

And to get past it? Just so I can KNOW what side it will come down on?

I just dinged my person and said "Yo! Wassup?!" and they answered and I felt better faster than if I what iffed a while in limbo waiting and waiting. Even if they ended up rejecting my ding, that's STILL moving it forward for me so I can get to the happy place again.

So either way I win. With or without them.

I just so dislike limboland -- Hang Time at the Forge. I don't think anyone goes there liking it. *hug*

It's ok to have been really excited to get started dating, but express THAT as your hook rather than offering pix next time. "I really and excited to meet you in person!" Maybe that's easier to take if it comes to a halt?

Then you feel ugh like a ping and not UGGGGGGHHHH like a big ol' PONG?

I really do hope she's called back and cleared things up with you.

At least you have people here waiting WITH you? Does that help?

Well, have an extra support hug anyway. Hang in there!



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