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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
Nrgh. You are asking me to show you my panties! LOL.
Wait...what? Pix or it didn't happen!
LOL. DH says that to me. "Pix or it didn't happen!"

Intimacy in ANY bucket -- the bucket of the mind, body, heart or soul is intimacy to me.

Showing people my body panties (purple with white polka dots today) is a lot easier to me than showing them my Mind panties (where my thinks go) or Soul panties (what lights my inner fire) or Heart panties (where my feelings go).

Interesting perspectives so far. GalaGirl, I don't understand most of your answer, and I often have difficulty making sense out of the language you use in your long posts, but I appreciate the effort you put into your reply.
No prob. I know I have a tendancy to wax and wane because I tend to check in here close to sleepy time. And I tend to be reflective and fuzzy in focus. If you need me to get sharper any time just kick me and go "Hey! You are floating off, GalaGirl! Come baaaaack! 'splain to me!"

which part needs clarification?

(But thank you for the headThink -- I enjoyed it. )

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