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Did I ever mention I have the best girlfriend ever! Derby is one of a kind. She really is an inspiration to me. I have learned so much from her about how to remain grounded in my emotions and that they will pass in time regardless of how I respond to them or don't. She is a rock to me in so many ways. I am really fortunate she is in my life.

This weekend she asked me if she could take me on a secret date. I made the arrangements to have saturday afternoon off and went to her house. She got me in her car and drove for about 45 minutes to a remote spot where she turned off the high way and went along a country road. All the while we chatted excitedly about things going on in our lives and the lives of others. The windows were down, the sun was hot, the radio on. Already just the drive was thrilling me to bit.

I watched out the window until finally she turned off into a long driveway surrounded by fields of grape vines. She was taking me to a vineyard! It was beautiful! Queen Annes lace in between the rows, crickets buzzing, dry yellow grass and the promise of grapes just bursting into fruit on the vines.

At the vineyard we sat in the shade on the patio along with other patrons all glowing in the sun. It was quiet except for chatting, cutlery and glasses coming together and wait staff reading out the specials. We had a delicious meals and wine parings and then a coffee before we walked hand in hand among the vines.

At one point I turned and held her face close to mine, pulled her in closely so our hips met and gave her a long meaningful kiss. It made me weepy to be there with her. I weep now at the memory. What does this beautiful woman see in me. What is it that she feels for me that she would create such a wonderful moment. I loved her so deeply in that moment and I will remember it always. Those are the moments that I will cherish as I grow older and as time passes. I am so blessed. So incredibly blessed.
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