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Originally Posted by thisis View Post
LovingRadiance - how long have your husband's bouts lasted?
About 6 months.

Originally Posted by Satisfiction View Post
This gives a little of what is going on... I'm not certain, but I think NRE triggers similar things in your brain like addictive chemicals do (smoking, caffeine, other drugs). You're just dying for a hit, and want to bask in the warm loveliness that is NRE.
It does. There's a LOT of scientific evidence on it-actually, very interesting reading and I know that there is a thread on here somewhere about it-becuase a year or so ago we were discussing it a lot.
I found a lot of interesting info on psychologytoday website. Also, in my sociology and psychology classes at the college (I'm in school currently) we've discussed this in depth (though not in regard to poly specifically).
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