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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Compatibility, hmm... this morning I was remembering how I've had lovers with whom I've been very compatible sexually and yet not get along at all outside the bedroom, and visa versa. Those kinds of relationships didn't have much longevity, but some were fun for their respective reasons. They didn't work for being monogamous, but I wonder if situations like that probably would work better now for living polyamorously.
I wonder about this often too. I've had multiple connections, sexually and otherwise, that have molded the way I see poly, and also the way I see myself. At the time I knew that a typical mono relationship with some of these people wouldn't work but that didn't stop me or turn me away from connecting with them; I never felt like I was missing out either because connections were developed and sustained despite no expectations or desire of exclusivity. Maybe I was poly and didn't know it? Lol. Who knows.
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