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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
Mind blowing sex huh? Then an emotional blaaah time, that was buoyed by P, then another clunker on down?

Could it be subdrop? That's what flags to me.
You know, now you've pointed this out, I feel kinda stupid.... BDSM and kinky stuff is a big part of my life, I know what subdrop is, but never thought my experience last week might be the same brain chemical type issues! You're right though that feeling that drop coming, and knowing what it is can definitely help out, and allow me to do what is needed to combat it.

P and I had a long, long talk Wednesday night about what we want out of things, and where we want the opening of our relationship to go, and we are on the same page. We'd both ideally like friends that we can have sex with when we feel like it, if we can share some of them, that would be great, but we don't have to.

I actually ended up meeting her "hookup" from last weekend on Saturday night, at a party, and we ended up getting along really well. Meeting him did put my mind a little more at rest - he treated me with respect as her primary partner (which i've figured out is something which is important to me - that others involved are aware that P and I are a couple, and that is not going to change), and P had a real "squee" moment when she saw me and him getting on so well.

I never expected this journey to be an easy one, and I am totally expecting more wobbles from both of us in the future, but we came through this one and it has made us feel closer together, and realise that we do have a lot of the skills we need to do this. If there are more wobbles, we will get through those as well - especially now i realise that i can treat them in a very similar way to subdrop!!
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