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Mine used to be that I'd only had one cup of coffee in my entire life. I used to call coffee "that vile fluid" and only drank tea. It changed when I got married. We honeymooned in Costa Rica and whenever I ordered a cup of "te con leche" they would dunk a tea bag in a cup of hot milk. Huhhhh???? So, I gave in and drank coffee and, for the first time in my life at age 39, I started liking coffee. Now I drink it daily, but I am far from a connoisseur and still think a lot of coffee is vile.

My other unique thing used to be that I was in a Whitney Houston video (just as an extra), but now that she's dead, I'd feel like a ghoul to say that.

Now I don't know what I would answer if someone asked me this. "What makes me unique? My DNA, you stupid motherfucker!"

Gawd, I hate this stupid question. I have a friend who used to always ask people "what do you remember on the day JFK was killed?" Yeah, rather morbid. Of course now that we're all old farts, most people in mixed company were born after that. Then he started asking, "what's your earliest memory?" which can be interesting. When I'm trying to get to know someone, I ask "What was the first concert you ever attended?" and that gets us talking about music. But I don't often have to resort to stuff like that. Ice-breakers are for people who don't know how to look someone in the eye and take an interest in who's in front of them. If one is truly present in the moment and responding to the human being who is right there, there isno need for a list of ice-breaking questions.
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