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Default Selfish bastard

I have always thought selfishness a great word and sacrifice a yukky one. I totally get the selfishness as a virtue- you know, the loving yourself before you love others thing. If you don't build yourself up you have nothing to give. If you don't have what you want you are resentful, etc.

Selfishness is to self-awareness and love as altruism is to enabling. All of these words can be widely interpreted to extremes.

I have started to understand the idea of sacrifice lately not as giving up something you need and depriving yourself, but as giving up control out of love for another. Still trying to get the bitter taste out of my mouth when I say "sacrifice".

What really got me is that self-mastery without self pity. Not coming from the place of survival of victimization, but loving my fate, good and bad. Still thinking hard on that.

I'll have to actually read the fellow's books.
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