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Yep-I get it.

Mine was reading (not digging, it was put in my face) that Maca's potential gf thought I was psycho.

Doesn't matter that I know the reason she thinks that is because he was venting his frustrations to her about dealing with my severe depression and anxiety last winter (medicated yes-but still not controlled during winters) WITHOUT letting her know WHAT WAS WRONG-so she knew how I was acting, what i was doing but not that I was fighting this MEDICAL ISSUE and seeing the doctors and having my meds changed etc.

It doesn't matter that he tells me he understands his mistake and that he doesn't think I'm psycho.

It just hurts.

So, I understand well how it must hurt that mid battle he pops off with telling you that you are boring in bed. Especially since now he won't elaborate.

I have a suggestion on that note though.

I used to be very "boring in bed". My oldest child's father (child is nearly 21) once said "someday you'll grow up and realize there's more than missionary".

Anyway, I HIGHLY suggest getting yourself some private time ALONE-and then looking at some porn. Not to watch porn per se.
But, to consider ideas.
I also suggest putting it on mute-cause the sound effects are usually really annoying.

But, seriously, "boring" is usually a result of having no idea what options exist! How on earth can one figure out the options if they aren't exposed? If he's not talking-that leaves it to you to do a little research. I would suggest books-but sometimes words just don't help give you a good mental picture.

Don't just go for any one kind of porn either. Go for girl on girl, guy on guy, girl on guy. Watch it all and consider the different activities from a personal viewpoint-"would I like doing that to someone? Would I like someone to do that to me? Does that look interesting? Does that look scary? Does that make me want to puke?" etc.

Also, it's not SEX-but one of the things I picked up a year or two ago for a gift for my husband and I was the red hot touch videos.
They are "how to" videos about massage, different types of massage and we picked up quite a few little additions to our sex repertoire from those. They were small things that we both enjoyed the sensations of that work well before, during and after a sexual moment.
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