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Originally Posted by KyleKat View Post
I don't think the unicorn misinterpretation is a good thing to point out. My wife loves unicorns. It has nothing to do with our lifestyle. Don't ruin someone's love for mythical creatures.
I don't know if pointing this out would would ruin unicorns for this woman. It may be kind of like if a dog lover had a license plate that said "dogging" or "dogger." Pointing out what that means probably wouldn't ruin someone's love of dogs, but they may want to rephrase their license plate. Although, a dog lover probably would not accidentially use those terms, more people would probably know how those words are used, and that kind of license plate would almost certainly attract unwanted attention and propositions. I would assume your wife knows how we use the word unicorn, but it would seem it hasn't ruined them for her.

Thank you though. Things like this are precisely why I started this thread.

Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
I personally would wait a while, get a sense of the new workplace, the people there, the spoken and unspoken rules of the place, before bringing this up. She may be totally open to her coworkers about being poly, or her love of mythical unicorns (not the poly one but the original). It seems premature to me to ask her something this specific this early.
It's a small office, and it seems like most people have been there a while and they're fairly tightly-knit, yet at the same time they're friendly and welcoming of new people. They're also very open about sexuality. I've been there a week and have had at least ten very interesting group conversations, and yet I get the sense they're holding back a bit so as not to scare the new people. If she is poly, everyone probably knows. The girl I asked whose car it was kind of indicated it did have a meaning and she knew what it was, but didn't want to say anything in case I was talking about something different. If she just liked unicorns I'd imagine the other girl would have said so. If it's not the poly meaning, the only other thing I can come up with is that this girl considers herself rare, beautiful, and unattainable, which the other girl may have hesitated to point out because it's kind of arrogant.

I mentioned in my first post that I was thinking she's probably not poly because my life isn't that awesome. The job is temporary; it ends in three or four weeks. Really liking a job that goes away in a month is precisely how awesome my life is.

Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Also, despite its negative connotations, some people do embrace the unicorn label.
It's always been my understanding that the negative connotations had more to do with the unicorn hunters and the act of hunting. That they have unrealistic expectations and do not treat the unicorns fairly. Being a unicorn seems like a good thing in a lot of ways. Being a unicorn can result in being mistreated, but they're also in high demand and have a lot of opportunities for great relationships if they're patient. Far more people self-identify as unicorns and see it as a positive thing than those that self-identify as unicorn hunters.
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