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Very well put Ceoli... It's funny though becuase sometimes I feel a little off too in trying to explain to people.

It seems like SEX is the hot topic when we talk about relationships. Maca was saying to me that he thought it was because sex is a universal sign of affection.
I told him I'm not sure that's true. I can't say it's NOT-because I don't have enough knowledge on other areas of the world to begin to guess (and by other areas I don't even just mean other countries-I'm stuck here in freezerville! LOL).

But I think it hasnt been a true sign of affection for that long in the BIG picture.
I also think that it's not central to the MAJORITY of our "loving" relationships (child/parent, siblings, many friends...) so it seems to have an unreasonably high amount of attention paid to it in relationship to it's importance in relationships in general.

Now-please don't misunderstand me. It was a HUGE deal for me that if I were to get married (which I did) the man would HAVE to be compatible with me in bed, because a satisfying sex life is a requirement for me in life. But when I explain that the other things are ALSO so important sometimes it feels like.... I don't know-people just don't understand....

(not anyone here per se-just in general)
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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