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Originally Posted by TequilaMockingbird View Post
Stupid demon, wide awake and prancing through my hindbrain. When I find that umbrella I'm going to beat him with it.
Love this!

sparklepop - that was a very good post - very helpful.

I am often caught off-guard when a random comment apparently short-circuits my demon-control wards and they run rampant. I realize that the best solution is to banish the demons and not keep them locked in the dungeon - but I am still working on collecting all four elemental crystals to unlock the key to the "Uber-magickal Umbrella of Banishment" (I'm only a level 13 Relationship Mage - I think you need to be a level 15 to get past the Self-Esteem-Sucking Sprites in the Caves of Insecurity...)

After a few of these triggering events I did find that when I chase down these demons (yet again) sometimes I find that they are not as strong and scary as when I first locked them up. Some of them have gotten down-right anemic and pathetic after being locked up for so long without being fed. Found one the other day that used to plague me incessantly - limp and unconscious. Don't need to bother with the Umbrella for that one - just toss him on the refuse pile and feed him to the pigs...

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