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Thanks, sparklepop - that does help.

And just to clarify, I've never looked for their messages or asked to read them - in fact, I asked him to set up a separate account that I didn't have access to, for their privacy and for my sanity. It's just this particular message, that for some horrible reason, he chose to read aloud to me. I think he just saw the witty parts, and didn't consider the rest - wanted to share how great she is. It would have been no problem at all had he just left out one sentence fragment.

I have asked him to elaborate on what he means by "boring", but he will only say he was wrong to have said it and won't discuss it at all. I don't know if it's true, or why he said it, or how I can change things. Kind of leaves me at a loss to fix it.

Stupid demon, wide awake and prancing through my hindbrain. When I find that umbrella I'm going to beat him with it.
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