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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
I'm picturing this whole scene in my head and laughing my arse off.
Having raised a houseful of kids ourselves it brought back memories.
Hats off to you girl in general for taking on the challenge you have and trying to make a difference. There's soooooo many kids out there that need that more than anything.

Thank you GS. I have to say-that little "monster" is now 13. He still has some extensive psychological issues due to the drugs/alcohol consumed while he was in utero and exacerbated by the crap his parents put him through in the first 18 months of life plus the crap the courts put him through (dragging him back to his mom every time she went through rehab which averaged every 6-9 months for the last 11+ years).
But he decided that he was done with her b.s. Right now he's staying with MY dad so she can't "find" him. Of course she knows he's with my dad. But they live in another state and as we are in Alaska-it's not easy to GET to him. I helped him file court paperwork that allowed him the freedom to not see her or see her as HE see's fit so that the courts can't make him go just becuase she does rehab again (which she did again last month due to getting busted for another DUI). That has helped A LOT.
He's a smart kid. Just really got a crappy start. He calls me every couple days and talks to the kids and I. He talks to Maca too-but usually more like once a week or so. Maca is going to go spend Christmas with him. I wish I could go-but the truth is that we can't afford to send all of us and I can't go without the other kids. Fortunately-D (that's what the baby calls him) is VERY aware of and understanding of my commitment to not ONLY him but to all my kids. He and I write back and forth too-but I certainly write more than he does! (boys boys boys).
His older sister turned 18 this year. She's doing very well also. His younger brother is 9 and he's the angel I DEFINATELY DID NOT deserve! He's just one of those people who is SO caring, friendly, loving, respectful, thoughtful. It's almost scary cause you wonder when the bad side will come out.
With me down right now for health issues he picks up a LOT of slack (without being asked) and every day I feel appreciate of him and a little guilty because he's just such an awesome person and he's so young!
The baby-well she's spit and vinegar all over. All day long she has to say she's sorry to her 9 year old brother. She's generally well behaved-but she hasn't yet figured out that the world doesn't revolve around her. She will though!

(ok slightly off topic-but as you can see they are my pride and joy for real!
There are actually more that I care for regularly. My 4 godkids and 4 more. But that's certainly another thread!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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