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Thanks for all the advice, I always find it helpful to get outside opinions when my objectivity goes out the window (like when in the throes of NRE ). My husband and I have talked quite a bit about the situation and he has asked that I be patient with N, even though we both agree that N doesn't seem to really like being poly. However, that determination is one sided being based soley on his discussions with K. Furthermore, if N and I were end our....whatever it is, we all three know N would insist K cease seeing my husband, so his advice to be patient with N is somewhat self serving. But since I want his relationship with K to work (and really hope that it helps ease some of N's worries/jealousy when he sees that she isn't going to leave him just because she likes someone else too) I think I am gonna swallow my impatience and envy and roll with it for the next few months. Who knows, maybe after I discuss things with N our relationship will grow stronger. Won't know till I try! I'll keep everyone posted if something new develops.

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