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How am I doing...

You know, I'm doing pretty damned good right now. I'm past my 90 days at work and I've been kicking so much ass at my new job they added a little bonus onto my 90 day raise. I still love the work and the people there. I think I've found a good match, job wise. Feels good to hand over a paycheck that's more for one week of work then I was getting in a month at the last place.

Socially things are going well. Had some people come and go in my life and I can't say any of them are bad. I've come out on top with each one. Old friends reconnected with, bad things leaving. All around it's been going damn good even if romantically my options are still as closed as ever.

Emotionally I'm doing better then I have in years. I feel better, have a more positive outlook on things, and my depressive swings are shorter and less severe. I do feel a bit worn on occasion but that's probably more to do with me not sleeping right then anything else.

Physically i'm getting stronger and more used to actually working all day. My callouses are coming back with friends and all the standing, walking, lifting, and working has helped me strengthen my hip which leads to less pains there.

About the only thing going wrong right now, really, is my sleeping. I keep having these terrible dreams or randomly waking up for no real reason. Usually it means, when it's like this, is that something is bothering me or the like and I just need to figure out what it is and adjust.

But over all? Doing great.
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