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Originally Posted by RunningMan View Post
You have a point, but isn't there something in this commitment about "for better or for worse?
There's also something in there about forsaking all others.

My whole point is instead talking and working through it, lots of significant others just throw in the towel. Well what was the whole relationship built on anyway if this can break up your relationship without even trying to work through it? Did the partner bring something up that wasn't expected? Yes, they did, but things change. As a couple you should be willing to at least "work through" the changes. Then if you decide later that this is something that you simply cannot handle, then by all means call it quits. But to call it quits from the get go.
And my point is that your attitude seems to be that it's a relatively minor thing. For those who went in expecting they'd both promised lifelong fidelity, it is not.

Sorry to me that's utterly ridiculous.
To each his own.
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