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Default Falling in love with someone who's Mono...

SUCKS!! LOL I laugh because there's no other choice. I've known her for 4 years and she's known about my lifestyle the entire time. She's always said that she could never be more than just friends. She couldn't share. I TOTALLY understand that. I say all the time that this lifestyle isn't for everyone. Then I think to myself, BUT DAMNIT WHY COULDN'T THIS BE FOR YOU!!!

I've seen her date guys of all kinds and she typically ends up hurt. I try to be there for her as much as I can. Actually, I'm there as much as she lets me be. I see her get down on herself because of these guys. All I wanna do is take her, bring her into our family, and take care of her for the rest of her life. I tell her all the time that she needs to find someone that's going to treat her like the Princess that she is. She agrees, but just has trouble finding that guy. Again, I think. I can treat you that way.

Her laugh is infectious. Her smile will light up a room. Her eyes are her most captivating feature. They got me 4 years ago, and to this day still make my breath catch and my heart skip a beat. Most of all, I can see her fitting with my wives and everyone having a great time.

She's such an amazing woman and I want nothing more than for her to be happy. I know I'm not the only guy out there that can do that for her, but I've seen her try to find him and end up hurt. I hate that. Just wish she could see herself the way I see her.

So, my advice folks...If you are Poly, DON'T FALL IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE WHO'S MONOGAMOUS!!! LOL (Insert DUH

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