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Clear as mud, I know...

Well Partner #1 is a FWB type of thing, open arangement so I can do what I want with a clear conscious and up until now has been don't ask don't tell, be safe. Only in the last week has it gotten to what you might call 'relationship'. I am starting to understand an accept myself and I wanted to end it unless she could accept me. I wanted to be sure she didnt really want mono, and to know it was something I could not be. Green light.

Partner #2 just happened and we both aggreed to not get into a relationship. Neither of us wanted anything serious, just enjoying great sex, lots of non sexual physical contact, and the most amazing intelectual stimulation and connection I have ever experienced. This led to some intense emails, and phone calls, we are just bonding like crazy.

I just dont want to inject extra drama without being able to communicate in person. We are going away together in August, and if it is feeling like it might become a relationship I just want to be upfront with her. I also know she is no ones toy, and is also seeing other people. It's been really open and honest and I dont intend to change that. I would definately consider the potential of a relationship with her in whatever form, were just not there yet. So that pretty much answers my question.

I guess Partner #1 being really into it just adds a layer of complexity I was not ready ffor.
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