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Post Poly Reference Judgment released

X-post update on the BC reference case.
Poly Reference Judgment released today
Posted by: "John"
Fri Dec 4, 2009 3:11 pm (PST)

If you are into legalease then you can get the full judgment here:

For our purposes the key portion is this:
The person or group interested in participating in the proceeding shall, by 28 January 2010, file with the Court and deliver to the AG BC, the AG Canada and the amicus a Notice of Motion applying for leave to be added as a party or intervener, along with an affidavit setting out the following minimum information:

· The person or group's interest in this matter.

· If a group, a description of its membership.

· An outline of the person or group's position or anticipated argument with respect to the reference questions.

· A description of the amount and types of evidence, if any, the person or group would expect to present to the Court.

· A description of whether and to what extent the person or group would seek to participate in the hearing.
So we now have our dates. And we have at least three potential poly families. Away we go....
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