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Thank you so much! Every weekend they have friends over and get wasted. The kids even fetch their shots. It makes me feel so sad. I don't join them so that there will be a sober adult there and a driver in case there is an emergency. As a result I spend my weekends watching the kids and feel isolated from them and any guests that may come over. I spend a lot of time alone. Also, as a side note, if I were to leave I know that they would return HEAVY into the swinging lifestyle and spend most weekends partying while the kids were at grandmas. Yeah, that is so much healthier for the kids than having me around being a second mom. The kids would figure it out quick because when they are sswinging it is an all-consuming activity. I don't abide it because I don't believe in meaningless sex, not that I am condemning people who do, I just don't want it in my life. I know he resents me because I don't allow him to swing. Hell, they are probably doing it anyway behind my back. I've caught then cheating on me in the past. I love polyamory and believe in the lifestyle of being a big family with extra love to go around. After 5 years I am beginning to think that they just see it as a big game.
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