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Originally Posted by RunningMan View Post
I'm starting to wonder if recipients of "The Poly" talk don't just use this as an excuse to break up.
With all due respect, I think that's really unfair. If someone makes a lifetime commitment to mutual fidelity and then years later gets told, "Hey, I want a boyfriend," this is a pretty MAJOR change in the terms of agreement and something almost no one would expect and most wouldn't want. I hardly think changing the most fundamental terms can be dismissed as such a little thing that they're 'using it as an excuse.'

Instead of saying something like, I love you so much, I can't stand to have you be with someone else, I need you in my life......NO.....

It's we shouldn't be together anyway, Go figure.............
But if two people want mutually exclusive things out of a relationship and it can't be resolved, then they shouldn't be together. I have to admit, had my ex-husband told me he wanted to date other women, I don't think I would have begged and pleaded with him about how much I loved him, because begging and pleading never turned anyone on.
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