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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Would you also feel so short-changed if Ginko spent lots of time with a platonic friend and focused lots of attention on him or her?
I would generally be concerned if anything started taking large swaths of Ginko's time/attention and would look for a way to be a part of it or see how to reduce/deal with the problem, just as she would if I became less available. I married someone with the clear intent that we'd be free to do most anything with each other outside of work/school.

Friends are generally fine in that they mostly seek us out as a couple, but if they started seeking Ginko out so much that it was cutting into our time together, we'd need to discuss how to deal with it, as our schedules only line up so much as it is with school/work schedules. Still, if something is important to her I do my best to be ok with it, as I don't want to limit her. The main reason this is even being discussed is because she doesn't just want to date J, she wants me to be happy with the situation, and if I can't be happy with it she doesn't want to date J.

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I do hope Turtleheart got some useful info from the thread, however.
Thank you :-) Even simply writing things out on here has been helpful for me. I do appreciate the mature comments of everyone here.
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